Nasihat untuk anak – a video response

Dear WordPress,

Madam Martinelli wrote on her blog some great advice for the young ‘uns. Although not belonging to that category, I still could use some insights from our elders. I have already wrote something about her post right here in WordPress’ draft post a.k.a. the cold room but I’m rushing out now to smell the roses because it’s my weekend and I need to sort out some personal stuff (like spring cleaning the house and washing my two bikes!)

A quick search on Youtube got me the following video just enough to add a little bit of magic to strike the imagination of today’s generation with the power of Youtube. Enjoy!


4 responses to “Nasihat untuk anak – a video response

  1. macam mana nak buka video ni?

  2. Puan,

    Click aje play. Tapi mcm ada masalah je kt youtube skang ni slow nk bukak. File dia lebih kurang 3.5 MB. Kena tunggu sikit.

    Tapi kalau x nmpk video tu, maknanya admin dah block access.

  3. hei dude.. you gotta mention the two bikes huh? hahah

    nice song la bro, very entertaining. It actually has a few points for us to ponder.. I wonder how do our teenagers perceive such message.. All mentioned in the song are long lost in our youth, a big pity.. Religion and faith, semangat kenegaraan, respect towards each others especially elder and the wonder of being good in your study.. They just simply don’t see the importance of that all..

    Again, its a pity…

    • hahaha my two bikes bronk… like having two wives now… have to ride one of them ikut turn or else ada yg merajuk… just waxed em both last wiken and they are a pair of shining beauties now regardless of age and make. All standard accessories mind you.

      Yeah I like the song too. Heard it on tele not long ago. So I searched the net and found out it was an excerpt from Zapin Datok Temenggong. Whether young ‘uns actually ponder on the short video clip on RTM1 before flipping the channel mighty fast is anybody’s guess.

      Thanks for the visit bronk!

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