Of Israelis, stickers and us…

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The situation has turned for the worst for both our brothers in Palestine as well as those in the ships carrying humanitarian aid. Yes, pick up any of today’s papers and you’ll know the story. I won’t be repeating those stories here. I’m writing here however on yet another lament of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Malaysia on their lackadaisical and wimpy attitude towards the Palestinians’ plight.

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Malaysian Muslims, a huge majority of them being Malays are stereotypical and predictable especially on championing causes or issues. What I mean is they (or we) tend to be fiery in the beginning but burn out too quickly in the middle of the fight. A classical case of “hangat – hangat tahi ayam”. A small wonder why that proverb has its origins deeply rooted to the Malays. Take this instance of boycotting of pro-Israelis products. How many of us can actually stand up tall and say that he / she has done every bit in his / her limited powers in making the campaign a success? Pretty much most of us can do so in the initial stage but too few of us can be seen left standing when it’s in the full swing.

Indeed, putting aside and doing away with products such as Nokia, Nestle, Maggi, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Kiwi, Intel, McDonald’s and Starbucks to list a few (on why should you boycott these companies are available here), require an iron cast will as our lives have more or less become too attached to it for our own good. Heck, I’m writing this away on an Intel powered laptop. Glad to report though, my Nokia has finally died and I chucked it for a home made CLS handphone. All Nestle products have been removed / used up at my home now! Whatever your case may be, as hard it is, tis struggle of ours is by no stretch of imagination comparable to the Palestinians’. Boycotting of these pro-Israeli products inherent in itself two ways in going about it. Firstly, for those who are yet to purchase and use any of these products, by boycotting it simply and clearly means NO! STOP! DON’T! Since you are not accustomed to it, find other alternatives that are worth your hard earned cash and won’t further the cause of the Israeli oppressors as well as its supporters.

Now before you go on and say these products are of high quality / value for money etc, just think of today’s attack on the humanitarian ships by the Israelis. Do you think it’s fair that you for example, satiate your hunger and taste buds on a ‘high quality of international fame’ McDonalds burger or Nescafe Coffee whatever whilst some Muslims out there helping others, get blown to bits and pieces courtesy of your tiny but far reaching custom of pro-Israeli products? Try imagining that while you wolf down that chunky burger (which is so unhealthy) and slurping that Starbucks sugar laden product… tasty isn’t it? Bloody tasty I may add! Secondly, if you are like me, already a user of Israeli products by way of ignorance and accident, keep using it by all means since you’ve already paid it in advance (until of course it is worn out). Don’t throw it away whilst it can be used /ate /drunk for that is wasteful and an attribute of the Devil. But please use it for a good cause like doing your work, finishing up that Nescafe you bought for staying up late burning up the midnight oil to study etc. You get the drift don’t you.

If these cliché chocked statements don’t get us thinking, then picture this; you throwing sticks and stones to well armed Israeli soldiers that bounce off their state-of-the-art armour? And then they casually shoot in the forehead with live ammo! Personally, I don’t fancy a lopsided battle.Thank God you don’t have to be THERE to wage war against the occupiers. Right here in our great Malaysian soil, you can still battle them by boycotting these companies that pump in billions in US dollars into Israel to sustain their terror and aggressions. Just think, you can put a dent to their oppression with the Israelis unable to strike you back (at the forehead or any part of the body for that matter). Now, that’s what I call fair! It is as easy as switching products and buying the alternatives (which are similar in quality). If it isn’t of great quality then, what the heck, it’s war my friends and you don’t get to choose what to wear (Wonderbra anyone?) and where to potty.

Look at history during the Holy Prophet’s time (p.b.u.h.) where the Muslims in the city of Medina cut off any diplomatic ties and cooperation with the unbelievers in Mecca not because they were idol worshippers; but more due to they were oppressors of their brothers and sisters. THERE WAS / IS / WILL BE NO COOPERATION / TIES WITH THE OPPRESSORS OF YOUR BROTHERS / SISTERS! Think now that wouldst it be appropriate whilst Muslims in Palestine are murdered in broad daylight that you enjoy life, gulping Coca Cola on one hand and sms on a Nokia on the other? Please realise that by merely displaying clichéd stickers or even screen savers of “Anti Yahudi” or “Zionist Ganas” or “Down with the Jews” and other assortments of foolish and shenanigan statements but still patronising Starbucks and McDonald’s, you never really discharge your duties towards your Muslim brothers. In fact, I bet the Zionist themselves love to see us Malay Muslim decorate all our cars with these stickers and just doing that! I think it has come to the time that flashing and brandishing slogans have become less trendy and more sickening.

It’s time for some action lads. You don’t need to arm yourselves with weapons to fight them, you just need to do something concrete for a change at the comfort of our home / office. Remember, your RM1 may sound puny if you alone are taken into consideration. But what about 10 million of us and on a daily basis to boot?  Stop kidding yourselves for a change. Let’s stop questioning what others have done. What we may have to endure to see some change in this world is just a small amount of pain (discomfort more like it) compared to the suffering of innocent human beings.

The world isn’t fair but that doesn’t mean that you can do / be the same to others; what more if they are our brothers? Now put away those silly stickers and let’s do something together!

3 responses to “Of Israelis, stickers and us…

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  2. Hhhmmm..
    I want to comment yet I’m not sure what. Because somehow this post makes me ashamed of myself but quite defensive at the same time.

    I’m not saying what you post is wrong. Far from it. I’m sure people CAN live without a certain brand of coffee or fastfood. But for most people, its hard to really comprehand the money you bought a drink with could contribute to supporting a war. Yes, the company is theirs but dont they have to pay for the salary of all the people under that company, to keep the profit rolling, paying for making the products itself and not necessarily giving the money to kill Muslims?

    Maybe there is evidence supporting this fact but if people cant even believe the corelation between quenching your thirst with an iced Coke with murdering your Muslim brothers, any kind of campaign to stop buying their products would be useless.

    Of course, this is an individual cause. If our country decides to get into the middle of this, war would be a sure thing.

    Its funny how people all over the world trying to gain rights for the gays while such fundamental issues like religion is still a sensitive issue.

    • Dear Didi,

      My postings are probably a bit one sided and biased most of the time. But again the decision of not doing or doing something rest wholly on one’s conscience. Whether one believe or not, or whether this posting struck the right nerve or vice versa, depends mostly on the eye of the beholder and of course my clumsy writing. For me, it’s just like the environment, both sides; for and against actions go a long way to tip the balance of nature at the end of the day (most probably longer than that). But every little bit counts nonetheless.

      In sociology for instance, there is a theory called the “6 degrees of Separation” (I think there is tv show about it not long ago), founded by Mr. Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian author and poet amongst other things. According to this school of thought, and I quote from Wikipedia “…the idea that everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth, so that a chain of, “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in six steps or fewer”. Taking this into consideration and living in this small world, your action or inaction’s consequences to others can be traced back to you more often than not.

      Probably difficult to prove scientifically but then again “the proof is already in the pudding”. Maybe our senses are already dulled out by the various ongoings in this life that our sight have been made obscured. But if this posting already manage to stir up some thought process in people, I rest my case and consider part of my work done. For men (and women) to have faith, they must believe in it. And to believe something, one’s brain must have pondered upon it. And to allow ideas into the grey matter, the heart must be captured first with concepts that are able to strike the imagination. Unfortunately, not all concepts in life are colourful and noteworthy.

      Faith after all, is the hardest test from Allah to us.

      Oh, thanks also for the thought Didi. 😀

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