Brain dead mode

Dear WordPress,

Seeing tokijal’s blog is on again, EPI is deciding a real break from writing (are all these qualified as writings?). Why? Just tired and being the moody dependent blogger, I need to straighten up some stuff and get a good look where I am going at this juncture and point of life. To fill the void, I ask you all to go click-happy on my various friends’ bloggies like Madam Martinelli, Tokijal, Isz, Didi and Madeq to name a few.

A much better read than mine. I’m targeting 30 days off maximum but may jot down stuff every now and then when a shimmer of an idea passes by during my sleepless slumber or when I look at the ceiling wee in the night on pieces of paper or Live Writer. You guys have to install Microsoft’s Live Writer because it lets us draft writings at home particularly if you don’t have a net connection and then later on upload it to WordPress or Blogger at the office for example. Nice.

So, like the bears who go to hibernate during the winter, I’m going to deaden my thoughts to the deafening drone of clichés uttered nearby and try not to think too much. It’s actually fun as it will be a challenge for me who just love to complain about everything. Let’s see how long EPI will go brain dead… till then!


6 responses to “Brain dead mode

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  2. Bro…walaupun kau telah isytihar bahawa diri kau dalam Brain Dead Mode, tapi jangan lupa petang ini…kita mungkin sahaja dapat rejoice dengan Raja Buah!

  3. Ikhbal,
    Tukarlah dpd Dear WordPress kpd dear friends….kami membaca dg rasa ukhwah, word press tak ada rasa ukhwah-ukhwah ni…..Anyway, i love reading your minds thro this blog

    • Dear Madam,

      Ok will do! Actually to every reply saya gunakan dear “name of the person who commented” and dear wordpress to begin the entry becoz saya x sure ada org baca atau tak. And mostly much of my entry ni luahan frustasi manusia kerdil dengan keadaan semasa (the human condition).

      Tapi sbb ada request (wah!), nanti EPI akan mulakan dgn Dear Friends.

      Terima kasih sbb tegur!

  4. Erm Iqbal,

    You seem to be doing this a lot. Well, more than once anyway since I’ve started reading your blog. Expressing the depressing need to stop writing.

    Why is that? Sorry to poke my nose into this but the way that you write,and the things that you write with such passion; it seems that you actually LIKE doing it. But your attitude seems to show that someone is forcing you to write.

    I dont know, you got me confused here Iqbal. Lack of inspiration? I mean, half of my writings are just doodlings and nothings, but the thats me.

    Hope you’ll be back from the dead.

  5. hahaha! Dear Didi,

    I love writing but to squeeze the ideas out of my grey matter requires much more than concentration for me at least; I need the MOOD. Damn!

    It seems getting into the mood is a luxury I can’t afford. When I’m in the mood, I nitpick on small stuff until I understand them; for example, why in blazes ropes, telephone lines and my MP3 earphones are always in perpetual tangles!!!

    Irritants in life not only irritates me, it totally BUG me! I just need to turn the thing off a bit for some beauty sleep and peaceful nights instead of just staring at the ceiling.

    Thanks Didi! Ok, I’m dead again now, later!

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