Innalillahi wa inna ilaihiraajiuun

Ahmad Kamil Abd Rahim (Picture courtesy of the Sun)

Dear Friends,

I heard about the Susilawati missing persons case sometime back but of course, when you are working right here, the world can go up in flames for all the bosses here may care. Hehehe… sorry but I couldn’t resist that cheap shot. Anyway, I heard the name Ahmad Kamil the lawyer aged 32 but alas the papers didn’t shed much light on him or who was the guy.

Most probably such utter cloak of shadow enveloped on him was due to the fact he was just a mere lawyer or that society is too disgusted at the simple mentioning of that profession. Whatever it may be, thanks to Abg. Jaiz, I finally got some info on who was this Kamil fellow. He was none the other than my very own buddy Kamil of UIAM.

He was my batch, classmate, lepak mate and friend right from IIUM Lembah Pantai Matriculation Center days (1996 – 1997) up until 1998 – 2002 in main camp Gombak. Kamil was always funny, happy going, smiled alot but remained very responsible (since he graduated on time unlike me!) and hiding quietly behind those smiles a flair for law.

If indeed arwah Kamil is one of the victim, it is quite a sad day for all – his family and friends as well as IIUM Alumni batch 1998 – 2002. All I can do is lifting these small palms of mine and praying to Allah the best for Kamil;

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, aku mohon serendah diri ini kiranya Kau ampunkan segala dosa sahabatku Ahmad Kamil Abd Karim, Kau halalkan rezeki yang telah Kau kurniakan kepadanya dan Kau bukakanlah hati-hati makhlukMu untuk memaafinya andai kiranya ada berlaku zalim ke atas mereka. Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, Kau tempatkanlah ia di maqamam mahmudan dan redhakanlah ia sebagai hambaMu yang takut kepadaMu. Amin ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

3 responses to “Innalillahi wa inna ilaihiraajiuun

  1. memang sedih bila tahu ada sahabat yg telah pergi meninggal dunia…
    yg penting…kita kena tabah and teruskan hidup…


  2. He was my wifey’s friend.. Al-Fatihah to him, may his soul rest in peace and all the killers rot in hell!!

  3. Thank you for your kind doa

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