Time and again… PART I

Dear friends,

I have been putting off this entry quite awhile. Strange and eccentric it may be, I find myself bemused that I am actually loathing to relive another adventure in my life;  none more peculiar than the one so threaded upon by yours truly sometime back in 2007. Bear in mind, such reenactment is by no means a physical manifestation but an innocent (more or less heh) reflection and probably smile-inducing flashback of the happenings then, traditionally done in the tranquil comfort of EPI.


WELCOME ABOARD SON! : My Journey took me to the Outward Bound School (OBS) at Lumut, Perak

The reason for such a loathing may stem from my usual refusal to accept things already swept away and etched in solid memorial called time and yet I actually experienced a sensation not common when wallowing in the past; UNCOMFORTABLY DISTURBING with a dash of umm… pain?. Indeed, dreaming of past days has been, much part of my life an occupation by itself and an enjoyable one I may add. Yes, the usual suspect would be ye olde eeqbalz may have caught a case of the puppy love or its equivalent. But I assure you it ain’t the heart warming (or wrenching which is the usual aftermath of a disastrous courting) touchy feely matter.


LAST BOAT: I Need to Chisel 2007 in Stone Less I Forget

Arguably it could signal that those times I enjoyed was probably a single collection of the achievements of epitomic proportions in my life. I doubt another adventure quite as grandeur as such will toss itself to my face for the remaining days nor could I repeat such passion towards life again. As pathetic this all may sound, holding the esteemed “Royal Past Professorship Chair”, I decided that I need to once and for all give it the necessary tribute it long has pestered me about in the form of an EPI posting. A trained psychiatrists will conclude these blabbings as another pitiful case of “the inability to move on”. Whatever it is, think it of as putting it to rest in peace rather than jumbled up pieces; clogging up my thinking processes.


A BYGONE ERA: Mr. Mental is Refusing to Visit the Past Now

It has to be the single most daunting post EPI have ever drafted from the look of the overkill and overboard introductions that have spanned to four lengthy paragraphs! Departed editors all over the world must be turning in their graves from the sheer amount of wasted words used here. Even I can see how my subconscious is writhing in pain and making the ever last minutes attempts to thwart off this posting. Sigh! In actual fact, I managed to write a similar introduction back in 2008 entitled “There and Back Again”. Alas, it was a failed attempt as I couldn’t complete the storytelling.


HUH?: A Journey Back to 2007 Will Be Most Awkward

As I write this using Microsoft’s Live Writer, the clock is showing twelve past 21 on a Saturday midnight. Winamp is doing its best to help out churning inspirational (purportedly so but still remained unproven) sound waves. With the amount of writing and time spent visiting the past, it would take all the 70s and 80s songs to get things moving. Argh… my head hurts… need… comic… book… now…

Later folks!


12 responses to “Time and again… PART I

  1. wow… at last a post of your own photos.. bring back really really good memories.. wish i can go back to those fun days minus the bugging bodies that spoil everything.. i guess that’s the only thing that works when your head and mind is nailed to a place that is eternal.. life should be the fullest and its best with the most acceptable doings.. I dun see anything else rather than fulfilling it with times spent with joy and laughter that really satisfy every sense in this bloody head of mine.

    • Bronk,

      Didi mentioned it’s borderline gay to have your photo taken all by yourself. Ummm… come to think of it… it sure sounds mighty gay… arrgh! But somehow I like to see my eyes from past photos just to have that ‘feel’ again.

      Anyway, I’m missing the good olde days too much already and couldn’t help it but to trod again down memory lane. Let’s hope this will be enjoyable to say the least. Of course the reference to the working place will be omitted and hence only those who went through it will know what the blazes this is all about.

      Thanks for the read bronk and as incredible as it sounds, live life to the fullest (did I say that?).

  2. Now, now.
    Since my name has been mentioned, I HAVE to leave a comment.
    I have no choice.
    My definition of borderline gay was actually a pic of yourself TAKEN by yourself. So your spread of interesting pics here does not potray that, although it does potray you as something else.
    You dont look good with a ‘tache. Seriously.

    Talking about not moving on and reminiscing the past, hey, we all do that sometimes. Even some regrets on certain decisions. Its okay to remember, as long as it doesnt get in the way of living the present.

    What really does my head in, more than your ‘tache is in your last paragraph ‘the clock is showing twelve past 21 on a Saturday midnight’.

    Please explain!!!!

    • Ahahaha didi…

      Bronk Isz, dis chick is very laser talked one. You shud help me every once in awhile to answer her ummm… questions. Yah… ppl always say s’thing like dat didi bout the mus-tache’ ranging from the jambu look to ‘dun look gud’ huhuhu… it’s ok my mus-tasfa is breeding like wild fire now and every now & then I have to whip up the olde scissors and trim the bush… every 3 days aargh…

      yah it was actually 21 past 12 i think or the other way around… confused myself always with numbers… although I finally found a practical use for algebra… I used the book as a door jammer… phew at last something useful!

      Didi thanks for the reply but I had to mentioned you because you brought that gay thing up in ur blog ok and here I am posting pics of myself with mus-tasfas … you get the drift…

  3. I remembered the 1st time i saw you w/out the mustas.. we’re all going like.. ewwwwwww ala abang jambu!! but it didn’t take long for all of us to get the hang of you w/o the mustas, and have to admit you look better w/o them.. (or have i said that b4 & i dun sound gay now i didi?)..

    anyway, life outside is rather fullest and really satisfying.. to say the least, i didn’t get much chance to know people. all i know, people get to know and hate me more.. the more they know, they more they hate. BUT the less they know, the more they talk.. i wonder why..?

    anyway, its good to know that you’re writting again..

    p/s: Didi mmg mcm tu but the heart is good, or at least i think it is.. wink!

  4. My heart condition is for me to know and for you to wonder. Hahaha.
    When I said he looks bad with a ‘tache, its for his own good. And mine too, if I want to keep on being associated with him :p

    Saya bukan laser ye, actually the opposite of laser: tumpul @ blunt 🙂
    Somehow I have made all these comments about me.

  5. hahaha geli geleman aku dgr..

    Note to self: scrap mustas if you people to be associated to you..!

  6. Thanks guys for the luvly conversations… lama dah aku x berborak about the olde days dgn kengkawang seangkatang…

    Keep in touch people and keep on blogging in spite of that so not 70s – 80s FB thingy okies?

  7. bal! i miss your bald head lorr!

  8. hey hey… the gang’s back (at least for a while!)

    Ezie I missed u guys too – you, Swee, Sidang E and dpa… and what a coincidence too, I just tot of browsing ur bloggie then I got ur comments! Nice! How r u ezie? I hope you guys are doing great!

    Thanks for the comment – pemberi semangat untuk habiskan posting ni!

  9. bal! jumpa ko next mondayyy.tak sabar nk borakkk panjang2…..nak dgr gelak jahat ko!

  10. Wished I could friend but aku ada keje lah… tahniah in advance to all my frens!

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