My apologies…

Dear Friends,

Being human, I tend to err. In fact, I find myself in error most of the time, either with strangers or friends. Statistically though, I run afoul with friends and myself more than with people I don’t know. Probably this is a incurable defect in myself due to my incredibly small amygdala which is a part of the brain that controls human’s ability to socialise with others. Read the Star for a glimpse of this study.

Sorry #1: Im actually sorry!

These past few months have witnessed myself getting into trouble with the few people I consider good friends. These were stupid mistakes which are outrageously stupid that I couldn’t believe I’m that stupid to commit such things. The only good thing about this is that I now have profound and absolute proof that I am stupid. Either that or my brain refused to think straight before acting such. Believe me, these few months also seemed to me like I’m floating in a cloudy dream where I struggle to comprehend my surroundings. I can’t really think straight to be honest.

Sorry #2: EPI will hold a press conference telling all we’re really sorry!

Thinking today will be a new and better day doesn’t necessarily guarantee you  just that. Barely two minutes after the clock stroke 8, I again blundered with a friend. I thought correct at first before the snafu but then again after the incident, I don’t really know what I am doing.  I wonder only two things now; first when will I snap out of this and secondly, will my friends then forgive me? What kind of silly excuse for being plain stupid will I be able to cook up? I know a simple and sincere sorry will be more than enough but threading on someone’s foot for no apparent reason is shameful on its own to imagine much less to happen!

Sorry #3: Im more sorrier that these guys

I guess my prevalent and utter lack of social skills is not by choice; it’s a disease progressively getting worse. The future suddenly is out of focus now. Even my MSI laptop and Google Chrome are acting up on me! Until I wake up from this nightmare or my amygdala grows further, I guess not much I can do at the moment apart from offering my sincerest and absolute apologies straight from the heart.

Friends, if you’re reading this, please forgive me. Guess I wasn’t thinking straight (or not at all). perhaps it won’t be as rosy as yesterday, but surely i’ll try to make our friendship smelling a lot better today. please accept the sincerest apologies a hopeless fool can ever offer!

FORGIVE ME: Let’s all kiss and make up… (Yuck!)

And I  hope things will actually get better as I do actually try to peek out from my humble abode and sniff the reality more often these days. I won’t want to find out one day that it’s actually better for the rest of the world that I remain here right in my fortress of solitude; it’s going to be one heck of a way to go!


2 responses to “My apologies…

  1. Asmkm.
    May Allah bless this great man named eeqbal.

    • Dear Madam,

      I am not a great man. Just someone who is making his way quietly and if he’s lucky, he would witness astonishing men and women making a difference to the world. You Madam are one of them.

      Please continue on with your great work but don’t expect from me any acknowledgement. Only Allah is Most Befitting to bestow greatness onto you!

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