That Red Dusky Evening

Today I spent half of my time helping mom and dad with entertaining relatives coming to the house for raya festivities.

In the midst of it all, I spent another half browsing the internet for any memories of Suzan as keepsakes and perhaps in the process get to know her better albeit belatedly.

Yes, I gathered a handful gems of mementos of her from friends. And I must say I was quite surprised to learn about her:
1. she was athletic and kept herself fit;
2. loved active wears; and
3. loved to help out friends in need, selflessly.

All these she did without making a fuss or highlighting it on her FB account. Of course, some things that she did, she actually posted them on FB to share her concerns mainly, such as outing scams and rescuing poor animals.

All in all, I guess we could be real good buddies for we had much in common. As I gather bits and pieces of her scattered around even until this sad Sunday evening, Awie and Ziana Zain’s Senja Nan Merah song bore some semblance of my current endeavor. I guess I am now pathetically imagining that we are friends again getting to know each other better:

“Haruskah kita mencari dalam senja begini
Kembali kita bertemu
Haruskah kita mencari dalam simpati wangi
Kembali kita bersama
Membilang kenangan yang abadi
Seperti menunggu mentari senja
Menghilang perlahan-lahan disebalik
Awan yang merah

Dibalik awan yang merah
Dibalik awan yang merah…”

Yes, today I met her under the dusky red sky looking for the many fragments of her life for me to treasure. Soon after, she left me again slowly into the retreating red horizon. 

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