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The Case of the Infestation of the Oddly Mutated Lifeforms!

Dear Friends,

I am forever reminded that the golden age of the 70s – 90s is virtually over. Just like the rock and roll days or even Stockholm era; it all ended quite abruptly. So sudden in the sense that the majority of people didn’t quite realised it. Slithering smoothly like a snake in the dark of the night, it was very much over by the time somebody shouted “hey, that’s so yesterday!” every time they see me walking in my baggy pants to work. Worst is I was spending my sweet time watching the clouds float by when all this happened (never mind that I don’t give a hoot about my pants).

Courtesy of: Wallpapercorb.com
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From whatever and back

Dear Friends,

Let’s clear the airways and throats of the obvious question; where the blazes have you been and what happened to the blog? ‘Nuff said, I went astray in life for some free willy, careless adventure into something less desired by all, to say the least. Anyway, let’s see what’s different (as per myself or the world I became for a moment sensible of the surroundings)…

Courtesy of Wallpaperbase.com

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Looking back


Dear Friends,

It’s another beautiful God blessed Saturday afternoon. Although by shifting my view a tad bit, the clock is showing otherwise. It is actually 6.00 in the evening. Undoubtedly, Saturday is leaving me again as quickly as the morning began. No adventures for me today but thank Allah I didn’t spend the day at the office again.

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A Tribute to Teratak Anna Abadi

Dear Friends and legions of fans of Teratak Anna Abadi,

In a few more postings, I believe EPI will be branded as the true source of gloom, doom and all manner of sadness in this world. It has been a vicious cycle for yours truly to be acquainted with some beautiful souls via the internet; never to meet in person but have so bonded in mutual bliss of enjoying what few simple pleasures life has to offer to those to sought it – only to have it ended without either one knowing it until it’s too late.

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Time and again… PART I

Dear friends,

I have been putting off this entry quite awhile. Strange and eccentric it may be, I find myself bemused that I am actually loathing to relive another adventure in my life;  none more peculiar than the one so threaded upon by yours truly sometime back in 2007. Bear in mind, such reenactment is by no means a physical manifestation but an innocent (more or less heh) reflection and probably smile-inducing flashback of the happenings then, traditionally done in the tranquil comfort of EPI.


WELCOME ABOARD SON! : My Journey took me to the Outward Bound School (OBS) at Lumut, Perak

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Leaving on a jet plane #3

Dear Friends,

Yes, I am already tingling with anticipation minus the perspiration… it’s my seemingly reclusive holiday (all-wide-grin detected!). It will be from 17 until 24 this month. A short 6 days but nonetheless I am most grateful to Allah. Others may get 14 days leave (not including weekends) and go backpack the world over, but being me, it will be another retreat to EPI’s Fortress of Solitude (ala Superman). Hooray!

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Ramadhan Datang lagi…

Bulan Ramadhan bakal kembali ke sisi kita lagi. Itu pun kalau panjang umur, sempatlah jumpa 1 Ramadhan. Kalau umur lagi panjang, sempatlah habis sebulan. Kalau lebih bernasib baik, ada juga pulangan dibawa keluar selain lapar dan dahaga sahaja. Bukanlah aku nak berceramah pada sesiapa tapi pada diri sendiri juga. Elok aku ‘hadiahkan’ sedikit buah tangan pada bulan yang mulia ini moga-moga ada kesedaran pada diri sendiri dan meniup semula semangat untuk berjaya dunia akhirat.

Gambar Hiasan – Sumber: http://www.beach-backgrounds.com/


Semalam yang ku tinggalkan
Dalam kembara syahdu pelayaran ini
Penuh onak jalannya berduri
Menongkah arus membadai lalu

Masakan aku lupa desiran ombak di tepi pantai
Menyapa kaki ini di suatu petang itu
Lantas mengingatkan aku sapaan halus lagi kecil
Yang tiada jemu menjengah tiap waktu

Yang bernafas pasti akan berhenti
Apabila dijemput kembali ke pangkuan Illahi
Bolehkah manusia di zaman yang sesak ini
Menyapa sipenjemput “Bahkan aku bersedia”?

Noda dan nista ku tinggal di simpang ini
Pantas aku berlari ditemani panas air mata
Jangan lagi kau menyinggahi jasad ini
Yang tiada daya menahan pedih seksa

Peluang yang ada pasti aku hargai
Namun dayakah aku insan kerdil lagi hina
Mencium harum kasturi mistik dan misteri
Belum pernah difikir dek akal dilamun dek mimpi

Kokokan ayam jantan sahut menyahut
Membelah kesunyian membangkitkan ingatan
Pada yang tertunggak  pada yang terlalai
Pada yang tertangguh dan pada yang terzalim

Nostalgia di tepian pantai surut kembali
Bersama – sama ombak yang membasahi kaki ini
Cengkerang putih suci terdampar di sisi
Ku genggam kuat menjadi peringatan diri sendiri

GAMBAR HIASAN – Sumber: http://www.sydneynaturally.com.au/

RAMADHAN 1431H – Selamat Bertemu Lagi!