Green & Aspiring : Standing in the 3rd row, 4th from the left; a Form 5 class picture

A run-of-the-mill person with nothing special; just plain vanilla.

He’s trying to find a footing & perhaps a holding in this world that he can relate to, if not call it home. He’s at his wits’ end in this quest though. Prefer to go solo on many an adventures & misadventures that life constantly throw at him. Has his equal share of faults in this world and quite a load of regrets to match which seemed to have clenched fast on his shoulders, haunting him more than he would like to imagine.

He used to aspire highly and view the world as part of his playground. Nevertheless, time has changed that without his consent. He now has sought refuge from the relentless misfortunes in life particularly the ‘battering & beatings’ at his workplace. Thankfully, he has found some kind of solace at his small & humble abode accompanied by a trusty laptop and a mountain of comics. He is however well aware of the fact that his temporary solitude may not hold out forever.

Form 3 Photo : Our hero with a friend – Fauwaz during the last nights after PMR.

He is particularly disadvantaged at managing the past. He therefore enjoys taking trips down memory lane too much for his own good. And thus he exhibits a profound dislike for journeys & adventures outside of his solitude for fear of being stuck in the past; clinging & longing for something that has clearly moved on. Sadly, the truth is blindingly obvious to him yet he is helpless to act; choosing to be bogged down with fanciful dreams of yon time and disregarding the passing of time – ignorance to him is an absolute bliss!

Loves to write but seldom have the time nor the mood. The occasional yammering & ramblings sometimes bring about some resemblance of intelligence for someone who is so ordinary. The rest of his writings probably are gibberish rubbish slightly eligible than a toddler’s talk. Books continue to be part of his life thanks to his 2 close friends whom share the love of knowledge. The internet & computer provide for a brief diversion and much needed respite from his luckless adventures on this mortal plane. Computer games give him the needed sense of directions, albeit for a day or two. Socially inactive & disabled, he uses no more than 3 of his fingers to count the number of his friends.

Wandering Afar: Our Hero Found Himself Lingering the Past in Haikou, China in 2006.

Despite all of these, there is still a glimmer of hope for this wanderer to finally cast away his demons & make his mark on this world that will hopefully, give some sort of dignity to his temporary (and lamentable) existence. Who knows, if God is Willing, he may yet find his niche in this life & fulfil whatever dreams he silently harbour deep inside his solitude…

…a place he calls EEQBALZ PLAYGROUNDZ INC.

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2 responses to “About

  1. nice introduction…
    you did such a good first impression…
    and I love the way you write…
    keep on writing…
    and good luck…
    in whatever you do…

  2. (Replied as such in his blog)

    Dear Syafiq,
    Thanks for your gracious comments on my blog. Hehehe… you’re the first one to write there. Shows how ordinary and boring I am that rarely anyone wonder to my “About” section …

    Thanks again for the kind words in this bountiful month!

    Eeqbalz Playgroundz Inc.

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