It has been my aim to publish a site dedicated for anything and everything techie which yours truly has the pleasure or otherwise, to use or read about. Of course it could not be by far, an authority of such things, just some sharing session. Think of it as quality time (yeah right!)

To setup a website is not within my 24 hours allocation and not to mention beyond my technological grasp. It is safe to assume things such as technological updates, software and hardware reviews, download links and links to cool website will be on this page. All postings will be tagged & categorized with “TECHS”.

Hence, if something I wrote is incorrect, please say so. If you don’t agree with me, you can have your piece too.



1. The Case of the Best Antivirus
2. The Case of the Missing Files
3. PIKOM PC Fair Is Back
4. Counting the Days
5. Going goo goo gaa gaa over Google Chrome
6. Pikom PC Fair II
7. Unable to comment?


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