I must confess that in recent years I haven’t done much to help those around me. Being constantly lethargic and exhausted by each ending day, I have no choice but to surrender to mother nature’s rules. Apart from not spending my time outside of home and the office, the television and internet gave me a partial view of happenings around me.

If we just listened or looked around, people face problems and predicaments all the time. It’s just a matter of complexity. When I looked back over the years, I’d say I’m not proud of my involvement (or lack of it) in helping out others. The choice of occupation I chose,  supposedly I assumed to enable me to assist people of all walks of life. Never did it occurred to me that I am now stuck fast in administrative hand juggle which is a looping routine. I guess if I am asked about the past 30 years plus minus, I can’t really justify my living for that long.

Hence, this is my attempt to help out in anyway I can people in need by highlighting it here from credible sources, mostly newspapers. It may not be enough but at least I did my best.


1. Help Needed 1 : Chronic Calcium Defiency Syndrome Patient
2. Rayuan Ramadhan 1430H


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