Here we try (yet) again!


According to Malcolm Gladwell (read his Outliers book – 2008), one need to do something repeatedly for 10,000 hours to be a master in his / her chosen ‘obsession’ (yeah, that’s the definition of doing the same thing for approximately 1.24 years!). Leaning on his prose, I am going to do that; writing myself to death (almost) until I can exactly have the hang of it.

My goal? Well, apart from inevitably driving myself crazy, I am thinking of writing a book (he hopes!). Definitely I can see the long road ahead. Being an introvert (it has worsen now), putting yourself in forefront of people for any number of reason is an oxymoron. But then again, as I peruse my ramblings in this mashed up blog of mine, I rarely recognise the person that wrote all these!

That really get me intrigued and being the sucker to all things unexplained or rather mysterious, I decided to see where this will end. I mean, it’s like opening my skull and having an all access pass to my various parts of the brain and its curious nooks. Discovering oneself is one thing but mastering and hacking it to your advantage is another! In the end, the latter is what all geniuses and the successful people have in common; they understand how they tick and use it to their advantage.

Of course, they are other ways in doing so but writing is one thing I find quite challenging. Firstly because you need to organise your thoughts as you try to get it laid out in the open as coherent paragraphs and themes. My thinking isn’t all that clear. It’s like deciphering algebra in Russian for me.

And even if I have it all figured out (rarely so nowadays), I usually have the problem of uncontrolled gushed of thoughts that rushed out like Japanese bullet trains at rush hours. Too many ideas, thoughts, themes and insights that blared loudly for attention. Similarly chaotic is the dearth of inspirational sparks to carry on writing; imagine suddenly being stranded on some dry barren dessert with an empty water bottle.

Secondly, for the most part of my life, it has been like a leaky Titanic. Built hugely on hope and dreams of grandeur but ultimately faulty at every turn. Perhaps I wasn’t meant to be on this ship, rather destined to continue the journey of life on some humble makeshift raft. As long as it gets me to where I am heading, I shouldn’t mind for a more practical solution. I might find it enjoyable as well! In other words, I should be preparing myself for some abrupt changes in my life. And what more exciting (and nerve wrecking) than writing for a living as a backup plan!

Therefore, I will have to tap on this keyboard more often to hone my writing skills. But do expect the occasional hiccups and SOS calls from being stranded in some desolated dessert once in awhile. The key here is lighting up the fire of writing once again and pushing it close to a healthy obsession. I guess for the a good period of time, quantity will reign supreme against quality in this hallowed halls of writing-dom. Heh!

Bermusafir: Peluang Terbaik Beribadah


Minggu ini saya akan akan ucapkan selamat jalan (sekejap) kepada Kajang / Ampang / Gombak kerana menghadiri beberapa mesyuarat dan bengkel sehingga hari Khamis minggu depan. Terus terang saya katakan saya kurang berminat dengan bak kata orang moden, ber-outstation. Selain bakal menemui keadaan yang bukan sahaja di luar rutin hidup, orang yang merantau atau bermusafir (atas sebab-sebab yang harus dalam Agama), mesti akan menempuh perkara-perkara yang sedikit sebanyak akan membongkar siapakah diri kita yang sebenar.


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Semalam Yang Hangat

Dear Friends,

Now, now before the seemingly ‘provocative’ title gets you wondering, it’s not about some past life love affair. In fact, this is the prime reason I want to jot out about this 2005 song by the rock group Wings with Mel as the lead singer. The lyrics is quite catchy but gives out the usual failed love message, on the face of it of course.

OLDIE: Pent Up Heat Usually Fizzles Out Even in a Thermos (Picture Courtesy of: Secondcharm)

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The Case of the Infestation of the Oddly Mutated Lifeforms!

Dear Friends,

I am forever reminded that the golden age of the 70s – 90s is virtually over. Just like the rock and roll days or even Stockholm era; it all ended quite abruptly. So sudden in the sense that the majority of people didn’t quite realised it. Slithering smoothly like a snake in the dark of the night, it was very much over by the time somebody shouted “hey, that’s so yesterday!” every time they see me walking in my baggy pants to work. Worst is I was spending my sweet time watching the clouds float by when all this happened (never mind that I don’t give a hoot about my pants).

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From whatever and back

Dear Friends,

Let’s clear the airways and throats of the obvious question; where the blazes have you been and what happened to the blog? ‘Nuff said, I went astray in life for some free willy, careless adventure into something less desired by all, to say the least. Anyway, let’s see what’s different (as per myself or the world I became for a moment sensible of the surroundings)…

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Strange but true…

Dear Friends,

You remembered me apart from profusely apologising to friends (and myself) for various snafu committed in rapid succession a few weeks ago. It was one hazy episode of my life that I think I was riding the Mass Rapid Transit on a VIP ticket to Tanjong Rambutan (no kidding here!). Of course, some would attribute it to some usual suspects such as office lethargy and old age. I did too but I begged with myself to disagree.

LOONY LOT: I was on my way to the nutty ville

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My apologies…

Dear Friends,

Being human, I tend to err. In fact, I find myself in error most of the time, either with strangers or friends. Statistically though, I run afoul with friends and myself more than with people I don’t know. Probably this is a incurable defect in myself due to my incredibly small amygdala which is a part of the brain that controls human’s ability to socialise with others. Read the Star for a glimpse of this study.

Sorry #1: Im actually sorry!

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