The Case of the Infestation of the Oddly Mutated Lifeforms!

Dear Friends,

I am forever reminded that the golden age of the 70s – 90s is virtually over. Just like the rock and roll days or even Stockholm era; it all ended quite abruptly. So sudden in the sense that the majority of people didn’t quite realised it. Slithering smoothly like a snake in the dark of the night, it was very much over by the time somebody shouted “hey, that’s so yesterday!” every time they see me walking in my baggy pants to work. Worst is I was spending my sweet time watching the clouds float by when all this happened (never mind that I don’t give a hoot about my pants).

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Now before I begin my tradition of flaming up a non-issue, this is not a mid-life crisis as I casually turn another leaf just a few days before. But I am uncomfortable slaving in my desk when some new office mate from the “Generation What?” tried to be smart with me showing how it is done (the wrong way, I may add). I don’t blame this group of umm let’s just say… lifeforms… (yes that’s the word I think is suitable for them), for all the hype and commotion they’ve kicked up against traditions. Yes, I am thickheaded on traditions and I may have contributed quite significantly to that revered word, even if I do say so myself. I think my generation of the 70s – 80s era can easily be recognised by the older ones as per our observation of traditions and likewise. (Oh, I am writing this in direct reference to my office life).

I can’t exactly remember when the world was flooded by these lifeforms which came barging and whipping up plasticky gadgets called ipads, tablets, smartphones and a slew of contraptions into meetings, always flicking those things with their dainty unkept fingers (updating their FB status no doubt) and wearing garishly loud coloured (and often distasteful) shirts with outlandish hairdos (the local council should outlaw such mutations of undergrowth!). And don’t even mention their elvishly long pointy shoes (they must grown long toes).

Wriggling Pests: A Can of Ridsect Here Would Be Handy! (Courtesy of Static Ghost)

The older generations in their haste not be left out, quickly shoved those doctor-prescribed tablets away in favour of e-tablets and lugging it around rather smugly. Not only they are quite clueless on how to use it, these fine relics of past years drop like flies all year round as they began to ‘rebel’ against normalities of life such as swallowing those vitally important medicines (I sense gulping a handful of heart related medication in front of these lifeforms are viewed uncool)! My generation on the other hand, looks rather unfazed to these on-goings although a few may have jumped the bandwagon with little success.

Now what happened to the already cool tradition of using powerpoint presentations shown to the screen or printing up documents on recycled papers to refer to in meetings? Not long ago, this was the hype of the century as we go paper less (no such thing as paperless). My generation is quite on the greenpeace side of things and the older generation is more on holding onto something firm (and steadfastly for that matter) whereas the new guys on the block seems to have an abnormal preoccupation of updating (or force feeding) hapless online contacts that he/she may have squashed an ant on the way to the office (in some extreme but documented instance, such updating is done very similar to the 24 television series!).

CLUELESS: Without the 5-Second Cycle Update, FB Contacts Could Be Left Looking Like This! (Picture Courtesy of Coto2)

OK, given that powerpoint is often abused by most (I swear a majority of presentations cannot be differentiated from any 1,000-word MS Word documents!), I think as long as we don’t really address the real issue, geeks all over the world will always milk governments and companies of their cash for some over-promised E-this and E-that. Well, to start off with, not only the world is overloaded with information and junks, we don’t really have a way and the time to simply wade over this sea of nuisance. You need something to sort it out and chucked away the garbage. Then if (that’s a BIG if) we made it over the shore, we need something to organise it so we may retrieve it anytime and with ease. Basically, these are needed to get things done correctly and hopefully forming an iron-clad reason if things go wrong (gee boss, I did my homework beforehand – look all the data I gathered!).

I could also go on complaining on these lifeforms lack of speed and urgency (they must be still evolving from a dimension that outlaw the use of watches) but hey, I still can climb up the stairs without letting out a groan or two every step and hence, there’s no reason to be grouchy. But being an older, I think I am allowed to poke fun on kids that is still fumbling on their legs but presume too much of the world. I don’t mind the older generation too much as long as they don’t pester me ALL the time about getting a hold of bright coloured print-outs  stapled perfectly and arranged neatly in a crisp yellow paper folder (when they already tot those smart gadgets in expensive leather or suede or plastic covers).

Yes, my chest is cleared of bad feelings to these lifeforms. Poking on the seniors is fun if they know about it. All in all, that’s life I guess. It’d be boring if everyone looks just like me hehehe. It’s just like gears and valves in the engine – none are like but everything has a place and role in making the engine work. Yet somehow, I still would like that can of Ridsect nearby though, just in case!

NIGHTMARE: You May Only Choose the Type of Hair – Everything Else is The Same! (Picture Courtesy of SteamGamers)

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