From whatever and back

Dear Friends,

Let’s clear the airways and throats of the obvious question; where the blazes have you been and what happened to the blog? ‘Nuff said, I went astray in life for some free willy, careless adventure into something less desired by all, to say the least. Anyway, let’s see what’s different (as per myself or the world I became for a moment sensible of the surroundings)…

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#1 – The days as expected blazed through like it was a short weekend. I thought we were all still in 2010 but 2012 just popped out magically. The short naps and dozes in life I took finally added up to some two years! It shows that what may be little, can be accumulate each day and night until it become a sort of voluminous ‘debt’ and haunting one shamelessly. Take care what is small now and never underestimate a thimble against yon mountain!

#2- I found out rather amusingly that people are weird creatures and enjoy pretending to attain something but in truth, we yearn the other. Love and hate are quite synonymous rather than being plainly antonymous. Not in definition but in what these two words signify. In fact, almost (in general) all things in life that seemingly being in opposite to one another are quite interestingly of the same thing. Take for example my humble abode in dreamy CarJunk. I actually hated it here with all the nosy and self-assuming neighbours that enjoy pecking into others’ life without batting an eye to their own atrocious way life. But as soon as that hatred begins to envelop me and I decided to move (to the greener side), a strange sense of love for this place began to pester me otherwise.

All manner and things how silly or beneath notice, caught my attention and nudge me (begging more like) to stay. Call it nostalgia or complacent. It hit me  like some big fat hand slapping on my forehead. For everything that is so-called positive or negative in its nature, actually are of the same thing. It’s just a different side of the same coin. One then may not chose a side without the other. And so we all learnt about magnets; both of its equator are opposite (different/dissimilar/against each other) and yet they ATTRACT each other. Velcros come to mind as is the rather boring and cliched ying and yang thingy.

Well, Einstein, eureka I would say as though the world wasn’t made privy to this ‘revelation’. Now, I wrote this up not as another attempt to state the obvious. My point is, do we really understand the exact ramification of such contradicting but proven nonetheless fact of life? Getting back at my convoluted accommodation situation, who wouldn’t want a better place to live? Strangely is do you realise that, that yearning for a great place to live is actually a stark contrast to nature itself. You know that for every GREAT place, it will also have a  NIGHTMARISH aspect to it.

We yearn for say, riches but you know that it comes also with a heavy price not only to achieve it, but also to handle it. Great food = terribly unhealthy / pricey. Great car = hefty maintenance. Great job = doesn’t exist! In short and in reality, what we all want are not the great stuff but the horrible and worst things in life! So why in whatever, do mankind ever want that? Now who’s eccentric… I mean really?

#3- I bought myself a pal hehehe… in the shape of an Asus laptop. It’s lip smacking and choked with an Intel Core i5-2430M (2.4Ghz), 8 Gb RAM, 640Gb hard disk and superbly fast GeForce GT555m (2Gb)! It also sports an astounding Bang & Olufsen ICEpower laptop speakers. I may not know what is Bang and Olufsen but if they are people, then Mr. Bang and Mr. Olufsen this set of speakers is a job well done indeed!

4#- Books and books! My house if filling to the brim with books and more. I wish though these book fairs would also sell me some of those vouchers but not for books; I want time and lots of it! People will pay for it handsomely I expect, if we could at least chip in a few extra hours if not days to our lifespan. But then again, if we had those, probably kids nowadays will sell it anyway on eBay or facebook! In fact, kids today would sell almost anything on the net. Sheesh I shudder the mind of young ‘uns today!

Okay, I think that’s enough of my views to pollute and corrupt the masses. I leave the rest of you sane lot to be led astray by Facebook hahaha (okay that wasn’t nice or funny!). Oh, I expanded my disjointed view of the world to Facebook but it’s just an experiment on the minds of people and myself too. It was great but all too cliched sadly. I will post its results soon enuff insya Allah.

Thanks again for reading this thrash. Verily EPI is a place where I dump my corroded thinking for other to enjoy! Now, I am going back to whatever but I hope to see you all soon! Take care!

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2 responses to “From whatever and back

  1. You’re such a computer geek! :p
    Welcome back!!!
    Its been a year since I read your negative, self-pity posts, disagreeing with everything in the world (including Facebook! Whats next? Glee?)
    Without you, who’s gonna bring me down from all the gay and happy things happening in my life?


  2. assalamualaikum didi,
    hahahah yeah it’s been awhile babe! You yourself left that bloggie of yours in that dank closet.

    How’s life? I sure hope it’s all happy and ummm geh aye (it’s damn ok for chicks to say that word but I won’t and never will say that). Thanks a lot for reading my negative thoughts that radiate right up to the stratosphere.

    I’m not sure where or when all these blogging thing will end but I’m one for the trip. And sure it’s nice to have a pal along who isn’t all too trapped up in dat stupit facebook thing that made social network too formal and way too damn serious!

    See you on your blog Didi!

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